As the IntelliDent team of Edmond in Oklahoma City continues to repair the dents in the cars from the May 20th aftermath, they also are taking the time to volunteer with “The City of Moore Recovers” relief team. If anyone is interested in donating their time, the Relief Teams needs help getting articles of food and clothing out to victims and their families. Any men with trucks and willing hands are welcome.


The City of Moore Recovers Information

Pray Serve Give Rebuild Moore
Pray Serve Give Rebuild Moore

The City of Moore is instituting a new volunteer process, to be managed by, which is an open coalition of local churches and city governments. A hotline for volunteers, donations and needs has been established:

1-866-484-3500 -to be staffed 6 days a week from 8am to 8pm. Note: you should always be able to speak with a live person if you call! It’s completely local and well staffed.

The City of Moore strongly suggests that, whenever possible, volunteer operations are conducted through this hotline – especially for large groups. It is important for the city to keep track of hours volunteered, because FEMA will reimburse Moore for the dollar value of those hours. Please help us out!

“IntelliDent Helps Moore” aid relief fund

IntelliDent is also working hard to reach their June 15th goal of $2,500. To help reach this goal, IntelliDent is donating $100 for every vehicle they repair to their ongoing “IntelliDent Helps Moore” fund. All money will be delivered to the “OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund.

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