Hail by quarter

Oklahoma City  2015 Hail Storms Timeline

Oklahoma City Hail DamageIt started on March 25th, 2015. At, 6:27 pm, Oklahoma City starts off the hail season with a whooping 2.5 inch diameter hail storm. Hail continued to blanket the Oklahoma City area until 7:02 pm. Over 30 minutes of hail reporting throughout Oklahoma City. If you haven’t experienced a hailstorm first-hand, I can promise you (as a Midwestern native, and resident of tornado ally) this is not only frighting to experience, but extremely damaging to automobiles and roofs. Even a couple of short minutes, hail storms can result in millions of dollars of damage.

March 31st arrived way to soon for Oklahoma City residents. Just when they thought it couldn’t get much worse, 1 inch diameter hail fell from 10:24 pm to 10:54 pm. Although the hail diameter was smaller, much damage was done. Then, one minute past midnight, hail began to fall again.

April 1st, 2015 was the 3rd reported hailstorm to hit OKC. This time with 1.75 inch hail stones, but luckily, the storm only lasted a few minutes.

Auto Hail Repair Appointments for Oklahoma City Begin

After the late March, and early April hail storms rested for about a month – phones began ringing at the Oklahoma City Intellident for auto hail repair appointments. IntelliDent customer service representatives took turns taking calls, and traveling to multiple homes and offices providing free auto hail damage inspections. Oklahoma City residents were more than happy to take advantage of IntelliDent’s popular “pay-no-deductible” program.

It is never a fun time when a car owner has to pay money out of their own pocket to pay for something Mother Nature selfishly decides to deliver! Even though Oklahoma City residents have become quite uncomfortably accustomed to damaging hail storms, they don’t particularly care for it.

May Brings Even MORE Damaging Hail Storms, and Auto Hail Repair Appointments!

Hail Like SnowMay 8th comes along way to soon for Oklahoma City residents. but this time – Norman, OK decided to make a date with the relentless Mother Nature. Both cities reported 1.75 – 2.5 diameter hailstones. Hail stones packed the roadways, as baseball sized hail bullet-ed from the angry skies. Multiple tornadoes were reported, and even more damage was reported.

When hailstones on the roadway starts looking like a severe winter snowstorm, everyone knows its really bad.

Auto Hail Damage in Oklahoma City metro area?

Give the friendly folks at IntelliDent of Oklahoma City a call, and set up your free inspection at your home, office or at our facility located in Moore, OK. You can also use our online form. At IntelliDent, any complete auto hail repair earns you $500 towards your insurance deductible!

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