Common PDR Misconceptions Debunked

There are never bad questions, just incorrect answers.

Fact or Fiction. Dent Repair with Dry Ice?
Fact or Fiction. Dent Repair with Dry Ice?

Is there a way to repair a small dent on my vehicle without having to take it to a Repair Shop?

Wrong Answer: Dry ice should remove hail dents, you only need to put the dry ice pellet in the dent and it will pop out. I have never actually done this, but I hear it works.

Right Answer: First of all, if your advisor ends his suggestion by saying, “I have never actually done this…” – don’t make your automobile the guinea pig. In reality, hail dent’s don’t just “pop-out.” Dent removal, if done correctly, involves a series of tool specially designed for this type of dent removal. Dents are carefully massaged out and the metal is restored to it’s original shape and form. Our advice? Don’t use your vehicle to test “online theories” for dent repair, bring it to the experts.

Is it worth the money to get small hail dents out of my new SUV?

Wrong Answer: Don’t worry about it. If they are that small, no one will even know it’s there.

Right Answer: If you ever decide to trade-in or sell your vehicle to a dealership, the auto hail damage will NOT go undetected.  If you decide to sell your hail damaged vehicle “by owner,” most people might not see them, but an appraiser certainly will. Call IntelliDent for a FREE auto hail repair estimate.

Fact or Fiction: PDR causes paint chipping?
Fact or Fiction: PDR causes paint chipping?

I’ve heard in some instances where doing the paintless dent repair actually causes the paint to loosen resulting in the paint chipping off. Has this ever happened to anyone?

Wrong Answer:  Yes, beware of paintless dent repair. Your paint will eventually loosen and chip off.

Right Answer:  It is very important that you take your vehicle to a certified or reputable paintless dent repair shop to get an inspection. Paintless dent repair technicians WILL NOT perform any dent removal if the dented area has any existing paint chipping, bubbling or scratching. Additionally, if they find that the metal has been creased or cracked, they will not use the PDR method to remove the dents. When paintless dent repair is done correctly, the paint is never disturbed or compromised. IntelliDent warranties all of their paintless dent repairs with a guaranteed Lifetime Warranty.

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