Are Drivers Unsafe?

State & federal lawsuit accusing insurance companies of padding their profits.

…which leads to rushed and minimal repairs using recycled, remanufactured, or “junk-parts” to fix your car. Attorney General is concerned you could be driving an unsafe car.

What these insurance companies are relying on is something that car owners can’t do at home…lift their vehicles, grab a boroscope, and check inside the car to see if the auto body shop actually fixed it. A system designed to save insurance companies money is telling auto body shops to use used or recycled parts because they are cheaper. If the auto body shop refuses, insurance companies are labeling them as a shop “not willing to go along with their program,” or commonly referred to as “steering [business away].”

More than 500 auto body shops in 36 states are now fighting back stating that “State Farms practice is putting drivers in danger.”

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