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Auto Hail Repair CouponDo you live in Plano, TX and haven’t had your auto hail damage repaired? Now is a perfect time. With the fall and winter months just around the corner, what seems to be a minor aggravation can become an even bigger headache. If your vehicle is older and paid-off, foregoing getting dent damage repaired might not be a priority. Unless you don’t plan on selling it sometime in the future, auto dent damage will greatly reduce the value of the vehicle. On the other hand, if you still owe money to a lender and the vehicle is fairly new, auto dent damage can become very costly if you wait too long to get it repaired.

IntelliDent Paintless Dent Repair Plano does most of its business immediately after a hail storm and a few months after. Because most hail storms happen during the summer months, this is when it can be harder to get your vehicle in for the repairs. If you are one of the many Plano vehicle owners that have either been on the fence about getting the auto hail damage repaired or have been putting it off, early fall is a great time to get your vehicle in for those repairs for many reasons.

The first reason being shorter wait times. The rush has passed. Most Plano residents have already had their dent damage repaired. Paintless dent repair appointments open up with little to no wait time. Insurance companies have already done most of their damage inspections.

Second, car rentals are available. If you tried getting your vehicle in for repairs after a hail storm, you probably were faced with no car rental availabilities. Everyone was getting their damage repaired and all local Plano rental car agencies were probably out of rentals. At IntelliDent, we have our own fleet of rental cars. 25 years of being in the paintless dent repair business have taught us that. People need rentals while they wait for repairs.

Finally, why not? If you have comprehensive insurance, the repairs are 100% covered minus the deductible. Because IntelliDent absorbs this expense, paintless dent repair Plano is free.

How can we help you?

IntelliDent offers free auto hail repair inspections at your home, office or at our shop. You can schedule here or call us at  (469) 620-0652.

We look forward to getting you “dent-free!”


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