How much does Paintless Dent Repair cost?

IntelliDent, the Paintless Dent Repair specialists, is excited to introduce their Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Estimation Calculator tool. Although we do offer a free vehicle inspection service at your home, office or at our service facilities, IntelliDent understands that customers enjoy having a basic pricing guide to refer to when they are shopping for a dent repair and removal specialist.

Although our PDR Estimation Calculator does not provide a “final estimation” amount, it does give victims of vehicle dent damage a better understanding as to how we come to pricing a vehicle with dent damage.

IntelliDent Dent Repair Estimation WorksheetThe PDR Estimation Calculator also comes with a downloadable worksheet that you can use when inspecting your car or truck. The worksheet will provide you with a series of “fill in the blank” questions regarding the number of dents that are on the top, right and left panels of your vehicle. IntelliDent uses an average “cost per dent” based on size and location. The worksheet uses a simple sizing reference guide using a Nickle, Quarter and Half-Dollar.

Please note that costs may vary due to the severity and volume of hail damage inflicted on a vehicle, but in order to ensure you are not getting ripped off, consider utilizing a PDR professional that is supported by brick-and-mortar facilities instead of mobile-only companies.

IntelliDent does stress that the estimator tool is only a guide. To get an accurate estimate, you can fill out our online scheduling form for a FREE Vehicle Inspection or call (469) 620-0652 to speak to one of our PDR specialists.

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