Auto Dent Damage with Chipped Paint

Can I still use Paintless Dent Repair?

paintless-dent-repair-paint-chippingPaintless dent repair has taken the world of auto dent repair by storm, but there are still so many questions about this innovative new dent repair method. For years, the only option for dent repair was at an auto body shop.

Not too long ago, it wasn’t uncommon to find an automobile with minor hail damage in a stall next to an automobile with major dent damage as a result of a major collision. Many of the same invasive repair methods used to fix major collision damage were used to remove a vehicle with tiny pock mark sized dents!

The short answer is NO, but if you are interested in learning more about the exciting world of paintless dent repair…read on.

The ABC’s or PDR

There are a few guidelines a qualified paintless dent repair must follow in order to guarantee the 100% removal and restoration of an automobile with dent damage.

P = Paintless

Paintless Dent Repair begins with the term “Paintless.” Because paintless dent repair does not use any primers, sanding or painting, there must be no damage to the automobiles paint. There can be no paint chipping, peeling, bubbling or lifting. Even if the dent damage is tiny, there can be NO paint damage at all for the PDR process to work.

D = Dent

Dent is also a very important part of the PDR process. Paintless dent repair can only be used on certain types of denting. Depending on location and size, paintless dent repair might not be an option. The best way to start the process is to either contact your insurance company or request a FREE estimate at your local PDR shop. Both places should be able to tell you what your repair options are.

R = Repair

The only questionable letter in PDR acronym could be the R. This is why paintless dent repair is often referred to as paintless dent removal. A repair implies that something was once broken. When paintless dent repair is performed correctly, it is almost as though the dent damage never existed. The automobile is returned (or restored) to its original condition…factory paint warranty still intact.

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