5 Surprising Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

Mike Brown owner IntelliDent
Posted by Mike Brown
Published May 11, 20183 min read
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Last Updated: December 5, 2020

A concept not yet widely heard about, paintless dent repair (PDR) has several surprising benefits to it. Nevertheless, providing a little background information may help you make an informed decision about the best way to repair your dings and dents that might exist on your vehicle.

PDR is a concept of working out small indentations in a vehicle that might occur from situations such as hail damage. Residents of Denver, Dallas, Plano and other cities known for hail-producing storms are quite familiar with hail damage, which occur most frequently to vehicles and roofs.

Most people do not realize that hail damage often occurs from a huge number of small pieces of hail hitting a vehicle like a dump truck unloading a pile of pea gravel. Occasionally, there is advance warning, but an onset of hail can happen very quickly, such as while you are at work, with your vehicle parked in an outdoor lot, and the damage is done before you can sprint to your vehicle to move it under cover.

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Unfortunately, hail can really do a number on your car or truck. PDR is quite the ingenious method for repairs like this that do not break the paint surface of your vehicle. A professional trained to do paintless dent repair approaches the job from the inside surface of the damaged areas. Gaining access to areas such as the inside panels of the door is fairly difficult to do, however, the technician has access to lifts and all of the special tools necessary to gain access quickly, without damaging your vehicle further.

Once the technician reaches the inner walls, they have an array of special tools designed to fit precisely into the dented spot. Using that tool, they gently apply pressure while often simultaneously applying equalizing pressure from the outside as well so that the dent will, in effect, be erased from the metal. Outside pressure is used to keep the tool from overcorrecting the dent and pushing it out too far, thus weakening the metal structure. While it is possible to DIY paintless dent repair, it is very much not recommended due to the cost it could incur to your vehicle if you damaged it further!

Now that you know the concept of PDR, and what type of damage it helps repair, here are a few benefits of paintless dent repair:

#1 Benefit of PDR: Cost-Effective Hail Repair

Paintless dent repair is far more cost-effective than regular dent repair with paint. In addition to the actual service costs being much lower than repairing with paint, it can also help preserve the cost of your vehicle by maintaining the original coat of paint.

#2 Benefit of PDR: Fast Service

PDR is a much faster process than painted dent repairs. Depending on your vehicle’s damage, it may take just a few hours to a few days to repair it to pre-storm condition versus a few weeks sitting in a mechanic’s shop.

#3 Benefit of PDR: Environmentally-Friendly Methods

Paint contains highly toxic fumes, which cause lung damage to workers and releases toxins into the environment. PDR involves no paint, so the footprint left on the environment is minimal!

#4 Benefit of PDR: Lifetime Warranty for Completed Work

All of IntelliDent PDR’s customers receive a lifetime warranty lasting as long as you own your vehicle. This allows you to feel safe and secure with your decision to use us as your auto hail repair specialists.

#5 Benefit of PDR: Convenient Valet Service & Rental Car Assistance

If you require rental car assistance, or valet service to home or work, Intellident PDR provides both, free of charge, if your insurance does not provide those services.

Storm season is approaching fast, and the benefits of paintless dent repair are clear – if you require dent & ding repairs to your vehicle, contact us for all paintless dent repair services you may need.

Turn your storm-damaged vehicle into a positive conversation point with your friends and neighbors with the benefits of paintless dent repair!

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IntelliDent provides major benefits to reduce the cost and stress of your hail repair. Possible benefits include free rental cars, waiving your $500 deductible, and valet service right to your door!


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IntelliDent provides major benefits to reduce the cost and stress of your hail repair. Possible benefits include free rental cars, waiving your $500 deductible, and valet service right to your door!