Pay-No-Deductible: No Money Out-Of-Pocket on Full Auto Hail Repair

Auto Hail Damage
Auto Hail Damage

Mother Nature isn’t always fair, especially when your vehicle gets caught up in her rage. Hail damage can sometimes cost in the thousands of dollars to repair, and as a vehicle owner – this kind of damage is never a planned expense. Most insurance companies require the vehicle owner to pay the paintless dent repair shop up to a $500 deductible before they will pay for the remaining balance. To assist vehicle owners with this financial burden, IntelliDent offers its “Pay-No-Deductible” program to any vehicle owner who has suffered auto hail damage, and gets all of their damage corrected at IntelliDent.

If you do NOT have an insurance plan that covers hail damage repair, and are paying for your auto dent damage out-of-pocket, IntelliDent will take $500 off the total estimated amount.

IntelliDent technicians the paintless dent repair method to carefully massage every dent away from the damaged vehicles exterior panels. The only time the paintless dent repair method can not be used is if the dent damage causes any kind of creasing in the metal, or the paint is chipped around the dent.

Please note: In order to qualify for our “Pay-No-Deductible” program, you must get all of your hail damage repaired at our facility.

Ready to get your auto hail damage repaired?

If you have any questions about auto hail damage repair, or if you need one of our PDR specialists to assess the hail damage on your vehicle, you can call us at 1 (888) 365-HAIL  or complete our online FREE Dent Inspection form.