Huge spring storm on the map for Kansas City? IntelliDent has it’s eye on the sky as it follows Winter Storm Walda as it makes its way into the Midwest.

Weather channel says “Variable clouds with strong thunderstorms. Storms may produce large hail and strong winds” for Tuesday night (4/9/2013) across the Midwest plains. Are you ready?

IntelliDent offers some helpful tips on keeping your car “hail-free” as we approach storm season.

Tip # 1: Check your preferred weather tracking website to get the most current weather conditions in your area.


Tip #2: Trust your judgement. Look for signs.

Most of us here in the Midwest are no stranger to the Kansas / Missouri ever changing and unpredictable weather patterns, and are somewhat familiar with the “signs” that nature delivers before a huge storm.  If not, read some of the warning signs below.

  • Look out for big towering cumulonimbus and wind gusts.
  • Unusual sky color, often a greenish color.
  • Extremely heavy rain.
  • A Thunderstorm that is moving in a different direction than the rest the thunderstorm.

Tip #3: Seek shelter. For your vehicle and most importantly, yourself.

If you are on the road, protect your vehicle by moving it underneath a covered structure, such as a bridge or parking garage. If you CANNOT find a covered structure, pull to the side of the road until the storm has passed.

What do I do if my vehicle is damaged in a hail storm?

Intellident of Kansas City suggests that you contact your insurance provider. Look for the phone number that is located on the back of your insurance card. Set up an appointment for an insurance claims adjuster to come and access your car for damage.

Next, call IntelliDent at 913-815-1009 or schedule a FREE vehicle inspection with one of our Paintless Dent Repair specialists by using our online form.

If your insurance company doesn’t cover car rental while you get your vehicle fixed, IntelliDent will take care of the cost for you. We will even take you to pick up the rental car!

Once we have removed all of the dents from your vehicle, we will invite you back in to inspect our work. When you are ready to take your vehicle, we will send you home with our limited Lifetime Warranty.


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