Parking Lot Door Ding Repair

Have you ever seen that car or truck that is parked all the way in the back of a parking lot away from all of the other cars? Or maybe this is YOU!?!?

The “parking lot mishap”

Most often, these cars have car owners whom have been victims of a “parking lot mishap”. “Parking lot mishaps” can range from tiny dings caused by shopping cart collisions or larger dents caused by another vehicles car door slamming into your car door.

Small dent can equal big headache

Parking Lot Door Ding RepairOften times, those little tiny dings can be even more aggravating that the bigger dents. Bigger dents are move obvious and beg to be repaired immediately. In most cases, bigger dents are the result of a minor wreck or collision and the deductible is cheaper than the actual repair and become more of a priority. Smaller dents and dings are usually the result of an annoying  “parking lot mishap.”

Somebody either parked too close or decided to skip the “putting their cart away” step after loading their groceries into their “parked too close” vehicle.


To fix or not to fix. That is the question.

After you realize that the person who caused the damage has skipped town without leaving you their contact information, you immediately start weighing the options of “to fix or not to fix.”  The cost to repair the ding will probably be less than your deductible cost but do you really want to spend the money? After all, it is so small and you can hardly see it, right? But then, you start thinking about things such as resale value, how much this ding will ANNOY you in the future and …. WHY DID THAT $(#@ HAVE TO HIT MY CAR????


In most cases, the cost to remove a tiny dent or ding from one of your car panels will be cheaper than you think. The turn-around time is fast and the result…priceless. Your “peace of mind” will be restored and your car will be as good-as-new.

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