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Historically, hail season will peek it’s head during the month of March and will taper off during the month of October. In sticking to tradition, reports of hail are starting to thin. With all of the devastating hail storms of 2013, a 7 month vacation sounds really good.

So who was hit the hardest with hail in 2013?

February, 2013. Coming in a month early, thunderstorms ripped through Louisiana dumping hail of all sizes on thousands of houses and vehicles. The parish of Marrero, LA suffered the most damage with hail stone sizes ranging from 2.13 to 2.5 inches in size.

March, 2013. Several cities in the Lone Star State were hit with severe thunderstorms that resulted in massive amounts of damaging hail. San Antonio, TX and many of the surrounding cities suffered damage to vehicles and homes. Free, TX reported receiving hail as big as 3.5 inches. Roofs were ripped off of barns and houses, windows were broken, and fences were blown down. Residents reported 3 inches of hail piled up on the ground after the storms.

April, 2013. Yes, April does bring showers but this year April brought buckets of hail too. Texas continued to get hammered with hail in the beginning of April. The largest hail hit central and western Texas with damaging hail hitting small cities just west of Austin and Houston. In early April, damaging hail storms traveled through the Midwest states of Kansas and Missouri – hitting hardest in Missouri. Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency shortly after the storm swept through the eastern part of Missouri, bringing hail, up to 2 1/2 inches of rain and strong winds.

Oklahoma report for April 2013, the beginning.

  • plaza towersThe earth shook. Starting on April 16th, 2013, Oklahoma began it’s nightmare-ish attacks brought on by mother nature.  Several earthquakes shook central Oklahoma in the early morning hours of April 16, with the first reporting about three miles west of Chandler, OK. The Oklahoma City metro area and Luther, OK – causing buildings to shake all the way to Stillwater. At 2:15 AM, a 2.8 quake was reported near  Boley, Oklahoma. Just 1 minute later, a 3.3 magnitude earthquake was felt in the areas of  Luther and Choctaw. The fifth and final shake was recorded four miles east northeast of Luther, peaking at 4.2.  The U.S. Geological Survey reported, as of 4 p.m., there were 33 earthquakes/aftershocks on Tuesday, April 16 2013 in Oklahoma.
  • The wind blew. A powerful upper-level low pressure system and associated warm front developed across central Oklahoma. Lawton, OK reported 2 tornado touch downs. Between April 19th and April 22, tornados were reported in  Inola, Broken Arrow and Liberty, OK.
  • The sky brought hail. April 26, 2013 was the official opening day for damaging hail storms. Oklahoma City was the hardest hit. On April 27, Edmond residents reported a significant amount of hail.

May, 2013.  In the beginning of May, hail revisits the Lone Star state. Most of the hail that fell in May was in Texas but before hitting Texas, a hail storm hit Winchester on May 5th, turning the ground into a winter wonderland. Hail fell from the sky for 15 minutes. During the evening hours of May 15th, Granbury, Texas reported a monster storm that dropped softball-sized hail. On May 28 in Amarillo, TX, an estimated 35,000 vehicles and thousands of homes were damaged in this devastating hail storm.

Oklahoma report for May 2013, state-wide devastation

Edmond, OK Hail 2013
Edmond, OK Hail 2013

May 19th, grapefruit sized hail hit parts of Oklahoma.  On May 20, 2013, Oklahoma made history. Nearly every single natural disaster known to the Midwest hit many cities in Oklahoma. President Barack Obama declared a major disaster area in Oklahoma, ordering federal aid to supplement state and local efforts. Of all of the cities hit, Moore Oklahoma was hit the hardest. A 2 mile tornado ripped through the center of the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore. 230 people injured, 51 were reported dead. The Plaza Towers Elementary School  was destroyed, leaving nearly 24 children trapped in it’s ruin. “The school took a direct hit from the tornado, ”  said Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb. Oklahoman’s were give 16 minutes to take cover. Briarwood Elementary School suffered the same fate. Students and staff took shelter before the storm struck in hallways and under their decks. Aside from minor injuries, everyone was accounted for.

10,000 Insurance Claims Following Hail Storm

On May 31, 2013, ‘violent tornado’ on the ground near El Reno, Oklahoma. Wind gusts up to 90 mph, baseball-sized hail and extensive flooding in the Oklahoma City area. Five confirmed tornadoes in the Oklahoma City area on May 31 and one in the Tulsa area early on May 31.

June, 2013. Twin storms hit the Twin Cities. Minneapolis, June 20 – June 22 hosted 2 powerful  thunderstorms producing damaging winds, hail, and flooding rains. Power outages coupled with severely dented vehicles and roofs shake the lives of many Minneapolis residents.

July 2013. Hutchison, KS claims July due to softball-size hail and damaging winds on July 23rd.

Winchester Winter Wonderland - Hail 2013
Winchester Winter Wonderland – Hail 2013

August 2013. The Twin Cities are not pleased about claiming August as a month for more damaging storms. On August 6,  reports of large hail that left cars with dents and broken windows in and around Minnesota’s midsection.

September 2013. On September 9, 2013,  Lakewood, Colorado reports a winter-like setting caused by massive amounts of hail. Automobile and roof damage was reported.

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