Icy Road Conditions

With below freezing temperatures come icy roads. This time of year, IntelliDent will receive many calls from drivers that have been involved in an accident due to icy road conditions. Many of the calls that come in are from drivers that have either run into a tree or another vehicle when backing out of an icy driveway! Shopping center and mall parking lot minor collisions are also common. Unfortunately, in parking lot collisions, often times the car owner isn’t responsible for the dents and dings found on their vehicle.

Someone hit my car in the parking lot, who pays for it?

Collision coverage  will cover damages to your vehicle when something collides with your vehicle or do not know who caused the damage created by another vehicle. Collision coverage covers your vehicle only, not anyone else’s. In most states, if you have purchased the option for Collision Coverage, you will be required to pay a deductible.

** If this is the case with your vehicle, IntelliDent offers an unbeatable “No Deductible Program” for all of their clients. **

In Oklahoma,

There are two types coverage that you can choose to purchase to protect your car.

  • Collision Coverage pays for physical damage to your car as a result of your auto colliding with an object, such as another car or a tree.
  • Comprehensive Coverage pays for damage to your auto from almost all other losses other than collision. Covered losses under comprehensive coverage include the following: theft, fire, vandalism, weather related losses such as hail, water (flood), falling objects, damage caused by a bird or animal, and glass breakage.

Sited from: http://www.ok.gov/oid/documents/InsuranceFAQ-auto42.pdf

To be sure, check with your insurance agent by calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card.

When is Paintless Dent Repair an option?

Paintless Dent Repair is an option if the dent has not  chipped or damaged the vehicles paint in any way or the vehicle panel metal is still intact and not stretched. If you have any questions or need your vehicle inspected to see if it is a candidate for Paintless Dent Repair fill out our online scheduling form and we will send a PDR specialist out to inspect your car or truck for free.

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