Hailstorm Predictions for 2014

IntelliDent Paintless Dent Repair is in the hail business so naturally, we keep a constant eye to the sky. So where will the first big hail storm hit in 2014?

Jacksonville, Florida saw some hail in late January.

The Storm Prediction Center is tracking a significant cluster of inclement weather rolling across the Southeast of the nation.

Some of the larger population moderate risk areas include Nashville TN, Huntsville AL, Murfreesboro TN, Florence AL, and Tupelo MS. The population slight risk areas include Indianapolis IN, Columbus OH, Louisville KY, Atlanta, GA and New Orleans LA. As much as our Edmond, OK would love to see more business, we are not quite sure we are ready for another disaster relief situation. We also have auto hail repair location in New Orleans LA that is getting ready for hail season. There is also talk about opening another location in Nashville, TN. According to the The Weather Channel, none of the above listed risk areas have experienced any severe hail storms as of this evening.

So what US City do we predict to be hit by the biggest hailstorm of 2014?

Sorry Tennessee, but we are going to have to choose Nashville for 2014.

No matter where the hail storms are forcasted to hit, IntelliDent Paintless Repair will be keeping you up-to-date on their IntelliDent Paintless Repair Facebook page.

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