Auto Dent Repair Claims

As many automobile owners know, filing a claim for ANY kind of auto damage can be a major pain in the backside. Filing a new Auto Dent Repair claim in a city that has been hit by a major storm that produces damaging hail can be even MORE of a pain in the backside.

File Your Auto Hail Damage Claim PRONTO!

Why? Because EVERYONE and their mother is rushing to their phones to contact their insurance company to file a claim and it ultimately becomes a race to get your claim to the front of the line….and that is just the beginning. Once you file that initial auto hail damage claim, you will be assigned an Insurance Claim Adjuster. Who knows how many other people are assigned to YOUR particular Adjuster. After you have been assigned a personal adjuster, they will come access the hail damage on your car.

Here is some GOOD news. Auto Hail damage is classified as a comprehensive claim, not a collision claim. If you have comprehensive coverage, you are covered.

What does this mean for you as a car owner?

  • You will ONLY be responsible for the deductible and nothing else. At IntelliDent Paintless Dent Repair, WE will take care of up to $500 of your deductible.
  • Your insurance company pays the rest of the claim amount.
  • A Hail Damage Claim will NOT effect your future rates.
  • Most insurance companies will pay for a rental car while you wait, if not – IntelliDent will get you in a complimentary loaner.

Once they have thoroughly accessed the damage, they will provide you with a final estimate that can be repaired by either Paintless Dent Repair or the more traditional body shop method. Depending on the severity of the hail damage, it could be determined that you need a combination of the two methods.  At IntelliDent, we can repair ANY type of damage….all in one shop.

Remember: Paintless Dent Repair shops will fill up fast if you are in an area that has been hit by a major hail storm. If you know you are going to be getting your car repaired soon, you can set-up an complimentary appointment to get an estimate from us AND save yourself a spot in line. You can always reschedule or cancel your appointment.

In conclusion, file your claim as soon as possible to get your car back to its “dent-free” condition AND in a reasonable amount of time.



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