Your automobile is one of the larger investments you will make in your life. Protecting that investment is of utmost importance and choosing the right Paintless Dent Repair technician can be difficult if you don’t know how to find one! If you have any questions about PDR and what it is, you can visit our Paintless Dent Repair page on our main website.

2 Important Questions to Ask Your PDR Technician BEFORE Getting Dents Repaired

  1. Where did you receive your training?
    This is a very important question because, at this time, there is NO nationally recognized PDR licencing or certification that can be attained through course work, PDR schools or training. Many “PDR Training Facilities” will offer anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks and then send their students on their way with some fundamental “step-by-step” guidelines and some hands-on training. We are not saying these PDR training facilities are a bad idea, we are only expressing that they are a good place to START.
  2. How much “hands-on” experience do you have? – or – How long have you been working as a PDR technician?
    An EXCELLENT Paintless Dent Repair technician has had years of experience and hands-on training. You will hear many of the highly experienced and respected PDR technicians call dent repair and removal an “art.”  Many of these seasoned technicians will say they are perfectionists and will only hire or work with other PDR technicians whom carry the same mentality.Technicians use a very specialized set of tools and will get behind the the metal panels and apply just the right amount of pressure and  gently “massage” each dent out.  Each dent repair is different. Hail storms can do quite a number on a vehicle and the damage can range from just a few minor indentations to some pretty severe all-over destruction.If you hire an PDR technician that doesn’t have much “real-life” experience removing a severe amount of damage and a large variance of dent sizes, lets say from a hail storm, you could end up with a repair job that puts you in a worse position than when you started.

What can go wrong if PDR isn’t done by a qualified and experienced Paintless Dent Repair specialist?

  • The dent could essentially become over extended or appear “pimpled” or “dimpled.” (See image below for example.)
  • If a dent is pushed to hard or the repair is rushed, the paint will crack and will never be 100% repaired.
  • Missed dents. To the un-exerienced eye of an under-qualified PDR technician, they might think they found and repaired ALL of the dents when after the owner gets their vehicle home, they notice a few that had been missed. An accomplished PDR techician can spot and repair a dent smaller than the end of a pin.

In some cases,  damage resulting from unsatisfactory work performed by an under-qualified PDR technicians can be repaired. Often times, these automobiles are referred to a body shop and if the automobile is still under it’s original factory paint warranty, it will no longer be valid.

So if a technician boasts that he is either certified or licensed through a PDR training institute, this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Excellent training or mentoring COMBINED with years of experience make a very qualified and trustworthy PDR technician.

One almost guaranteed, or as close as you can get to guaranteed, way to ensure that your PDR shop is legit and will stand by any work performed is to ask if they will provide you with a Warranty.

Have any questions for our Paintless Dent Repair technician, Mike Brown? Don’t hesitate to call him at our Oklahoma City location to “talk shop.”  Although he is usually underneath a panel of a clients car, he usually doesn’t miss an opportunity to talk about the “art” of dent repair!

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