Is there a deadline on hail damage claims?

Most insurance companies and insurance policies do not put a specific time limit on how long you may take after an incident before you start the claims process. That said, all most every insurance company websites state that you should file your claim “promptly” or “as soon as possible”, but with no definitive explanation as to what “as soon as possible” means.

Many insurance companies suggest that you file your claim within 30 – 60 days after the time of occurrence. To be safe, we suggest you contact your insurance company for clarification.

Intellident recently contacted American Family Insurance via online chat to receive further clarification as to what “as soon as possible” means when filing an automotive claim due to hail damage.

American Family Insurance

IntelliDent: How long do I have to report a hail damage claim?
Kesha: We ask that all claims are reported as soon as possible, however there is not a cut off period for reporting a claim.
IntelliDent: So if I had damage from 2 years ago, I can still file a claim?
Kesha: Yes you can

Do to the ambiguity that surrounds the somewhat cloudy response in regards to automobile claims time limitations, IntelliDent suggests that you thoroughly document any damage that occurred to your car or truck due to hail damage.

What kind of evidence should you record to document automobile hail damage?

When in doubt, put it in writing. It definitely can’t hurt. Additionally, if there was a hail storm, your insurance company will have knowledge of it.

  • Record the date in which the hail damage occurred.
  • Document where the car was at the time of the storm.
  • Take pictures. Don’t just take pictures of the damage. Take pictures of the entire vehicle. Get pictures of the hood, roof, trunk and side panels. That way there is no question as to the validity of your claim. (This is important if you can’t file your claim right away.)

If you need any help filing your Hail Damage insurance claim, IntelliDent is happy to help you through the process.

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