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IntelliDent Brings Expert Auto Hail Repair to Moore, OK…Again

Mike Brown, master paintless dent repair technician & owner of IntelliDent, opened his door to the Oklahoma City community  today. Just 2 years ago, Mike and his team were distributing bottled water, delivering diapers, and snacks to the residents of Moore, Oklahoma. Moore suffered through one of the largest, and most devastating storms of the century. The 2013 tornado was logged as a EF5. An EF5 tornado  boasts winds of over 200 mph, and peaked with winds estimated at 210 mph. The Moore, OK claimed 24 lives, and injured 377 others.

The Storm Starts with Hail in Edmond, Oklahoma City

Tornado’s and Hail Drive the IntelliDent Team to Shelter

Moore (Okla.) Medical Center Shelters Hundreds

The IntelliDent team, who was already working through the thousands of hail damaged vehicles, were handed yet another catastrophic tornado producing storm on May 20, 2013. Along with hundreds of other local residents, they flocked to the hospital – having no where else to go for shelter. Most of the hospitals 2nd floor was wiped out, luckily everyone survived.

Friday, April 26, 2013.  Reports of hail, that sometimes fell in drifts, rocked portions of Oklahoma City. High winds snapped trees, hail damaged thousands of vehicles and left them nearly irreparable, windows were shattered, and roofs were ravished.  IntelliDent, using paintless dent repair, was able to restore thousands of vehicles. They even donated $100 to Moore, OK for every hail damaged vehicle that was repaired in their shop. The entire team worked tirelessly for over 6 months helping to clean up the devastation.

Since March of 2015, reports of softball, tennis ball, and golf ball sized hail has smeared the local Oklahoma City news, and beyond. So far, 2015 has been a bad year for hail producing storms.

Although bittersweet, the IntelliDent team is glad to be back in Moore, Oklahoma.

Live in the Oklahoma City area, and need auto hail repair?

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