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Auto Hail Repair in Denver, Colorado

IntelliDent announced today that they would be heading back to Denver, CO to help with the disaster relief efforts, repairing auto hail damage for Denver residents and fleets. After spending over a year repairing hail damage from last years damaging storms, IntelliDent paintless dent repair technicians and customer support team was looking for a small break from the constant repairs, but – like last year – Denver, Colorado got hit just as hard as they did in 2014 and the IntelliDent family is ready to get started again.

In this article, we will be addressing some frequently asked questions that we have been receiving from Denver, CO residents regarding auto hail repair.

Denver, CO Auto Hail Repair FAQ

I just had my hail damage repaired less than a year ago, will my insurance cover the additional hail damage repairs?

If you reported the damages to your insurance company, and completed the repairs according to their inspection, you will not have any issue repeating the process again for this years hail damage. If you did NOT get the repairs completed, and decided to pocket the repair money, the insurance company has record of the prior damage. In most cases, your insurance company WILL NOT cover the areas, even with new auto hail damage, that was paid for in the previous pay-out.

Should I pocket my hail damage insurance check, or should I get my hail damage repaired?

That is entirely up to you, but here are a few things you should take into consideration if you opt out of getting your auto hail repair. If you decide to keep the check, and not get the repairs – the hail damaged dents will eventually start to rust. So you will not only have the unsightly dent damage, but rusting as well. As mentioned above, if the automobile in questions is damaged by hail again, you will have a really hard time getting any additional money to repair the damage. Not to mention, the value of your vehicle will greatly decrease. If any of the above mentioned scenarios are not applicable to you, and you plan on driving your damage vehicle until it’s ultimate death – sure, keep the money!

Should I buy a hail damaged vehicle from a car dealership?

Most insurance companies, if they are following the traditional guidelines used before insuring a vehicle, will take note of the hail damage and will not cover future hail damage. -OR- Your insurance company will provide you with a monetary value that they feel would cover the cost of the damage. If the vehicle gets caught in another hailstorm, that amount will be deducted from any future insurance claim that you place. Another thing to take into consideration when buying a hail damaged vehicle is that if the damage could have been repaired using Paintless Dent Repair, it would have. This should put up some red flags, especially if you live in the Denver, CO area where multiple hail storms have been reported. If the dealership opted out of paying the higher cost of the deeper damage that COULDN’T be repaired with PDR, this bill will ultimately be upon you…if you choose to do the repairs.

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