Once again, parts of Northern Texas have broken their own records for costliest damaging hail storms.

5. Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio – March-April, 2016

$700 million + ?. The home & auto hail damage claims still coming in.

"Plano hail! At least it's good for something!" ~ @BobbyShane23, Twitter
“Plano hail! At least it’s good for something!” ~ @BobbyShane23, Twitter

After all of the numbers come in,  the total amount of the damages for this catastrophic storm could surpass the record-breaking storms of May 5, 1995. The total amount of hail damage for these storms will not be in for a while. IntelliDent paintless dent repair technicians a still getting calls DAILY for auto hail repair appointments.

IntelliRent – Car Rental in Northern Texas

Northern Texas car rental facilities have reported a shortage of rental vehicles resulting in hundreds of car owners  without transportation while the hail repairs are being done. To help facilitate this problem, IntelliDent owner and master paintless dent repair technician, Mike Brown has brought in a fleet of vehicles that can be rented FREE OF CHARGE while their cars are in the shop.

The first storm struck March 23rd. There were 60 reports of hail, ranging from 1 to 1.75″. The second storm struck on the evening of April 12. The National Weather Service verified reports of 4 ½ inch hail.

* Article will be updated once final reporting is available.

4. Dallas-Fort Worth Area – June 13, 2012

$905 million dollars of home & auto hail damage

Roof hail damage. June, 2012.
Hail damage. June, 2012. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

Hailstones the size of super-sized softballs fell from this record-breaking storms onto the Northern Texas cities of  Grand Prairie, Irving, Parker, and in southern Fannin County.

Hail started falling at about 6 p.m., just in time for evening rush hour traffic. Frightened drivers did everything they could to find shelter beneath overpasses and under trees, but the storm was simply too powerful and widespread. Hapless drivers were forced to take cover in their vehicles and hope for the best.

When the hail finally stopped and commuters could finally get back on the road, they arrived home to see their homes with broken windows and huge holes punched in the roofs.

3. Northern Texas – April 5, 2003

$1.14 billion dollars of home & auto hail damage

I could simply tell you about this hail storm but sometimes actions speak louder than words. MUCH LOUDER! Watch this video shot by David Inmon, WeatherKnurd.com.

Excerpt from his video posting, “We watched a SE moving, striated, tor warned supercell approach near Possum Kingdom Lake, TX. As the storm neared, I thought we could out run it and stay in front. The storm had different ideas as the hail core caught us in Graford. “

2. Dallas – Fort Worth, TX – 1992

$1.21 billion dollars of home & auto hail damage

“Tornadoes and tropical storm systems have historically caused a tremendous loss of life in Texas, but hailstorms account for three of the top four costliest storms,” said ICT spokesman Mark Hanna. “For the nation, the destructive winds and rains of hurricanes are far and away the costliest weather catastrophes.” ~ Insurance Council of Texas, For Immediate Release – July 11, 2003

April 28, 1992. Oklahoma and Northern Central Texan residents both heard and saw the ominous rumblings of a severe thunderstorm as it moved across the horizon. This storm produced record-breaking 4.5 inch diameter hailstones that punched holes in roofs, shattered any glass it could touch, and caused enough auto hail damage to bring in claims adjusters from out-of-town to deal with the huge number of claims.

1. Mayfest, Fort Worth, TX – 1995

$1.63 billion dollars of home & auto hail damage

A supercell covering an area measuring 50 miles long by 10 miles wide hit Fort Worth, Texas in 1995. In the center, over 10,000 people were gathered to celebrate Mayfest. When the powerful storm struck, festival goers scrambled to find shelter from the record-breaking 4 inch hailstones and 60-70 MPH winds. For the people who found shelter in their vehicles, many windshields were shattered, leaving behind multiple lacerations  and very frightened festival attendees. For people caught outside, unable to get to shelter in time, there were many reports of deep bruising, broken bones, head injuries and many more minor injuries. 90 people were rushed to Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth, where hail also struck, breaking windows and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

For the Forth Worth residents that decided to stay home that day, they watched as their vehicles were literally smashed by the softball sized hailstones.

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