Colorado Springs to Littleton – Hail Storm Damage Reported

Just when Colorado thought that the hail season was over, residents of Littleton through Colorado Springs are reporting they are looking for local paintless dent repair shops to help with auto hail repairs.

In Colorado Springs, Wal-Mart shoppers bravely raced from the exit to their vehicles in hopes of not finding any hail damage. Because there weren’t any prior forecasts for hail storms that day, shoppers grabbed whatever they could to protect themselves from the impact of hail jetting down from the angry sky.

Free Auto Hail Repair Estimates

IntelliDent owner Mike Brown suggests getting a damage estimate as soon as possible. You can schedule using our online form. If you haven’t called your insurance provider yet, this should also be something you put at the top of your list. When hail strikes, spots for auto hail repair fill up very fast.

Auto hail damage is covered if you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. Hail is considered an “Act of God,” and therefore something that could not have been avoided. Usually. the only money that comes out-of-pocket is your deductible.

At IntelliDent, we offer a competitive “Deductible Forgiveness” program to help with any additional expense you might incur for repairs in the July 29th storm in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

Fast & FREE Colorado Springs Auto Hail Repair

In most cases, auto hail damage repair can take as little as 24-36 hours. If the damage is extensive, you could be looking at a 48-72 hours repair time. So you are not without a vehicle during your repairs, IntelliDent will take care of any car rental fees you might incur if your insurance does not cover rentals.

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