Questions to ask before buying a hail damaged vehicle


Ask your lender if they will finance a vehicle with existing hail damage.

If you are considering purchasing a hail damaged vehicle at a dealership, in most cases, the financing team has already done the research for you. If you already have a lender in mind, make certain you contact that lender and make sure they will extend a loan on a hail damaged vehicle.

Ask the dealership about what kind of warranty comes with a hail damaged vehicle purchase.

Most dealerships will still offer a warranty on the hail damaged vehicle. The sections in the warranty about paint damage or auto body damage will be removed. The mechanical warranty, the electrical system, the power train and the engine will usually still be covered. Every dealership’s different, so make sure you ask.

Ask the dealership if you can take the vehicle to a paintless dent repair shop for an estimation on the cost to fix the auto hail damage.

If you are looking to buy a vehicle from a “hail sale” there will obviously be hail damage, but HOW MUCH is what you should know. Some dealerships have a PDR tech on-staff but getting a second opinion is a good idea. If it is discovered that there is more hail damage than they say, the cost to repair will go up. This should be used when negotiating a price. You will also know how much the repairs will cost if you do decide to get the damage repaired.

Ask the dealership if there had been any repairs done before it was put on the lot for the “hail sale.” For example, any broken windshield repair?

If the interior of the vehicle took on any rain after the hail, the interior electrical functionalities need to be checked. Also, ask about the airbags.

Additional questions about buying a vehicle with hail damage?

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