Are all Frisco Paintless Dent Repair shops the same?

Some are better than others, although ultimately it’s up to the experience and skill of the of the technician. Paintless dent repair shops that are owned by a technician typically result in better repairs. A great technician knows what he/she is looking for when hiring superior help behind a dent or ding.

Is there such a thing as a certified Paintless Dent Repair technician?

Auto Hail RepairIf you want to become a “certified” paintless dent repair technician in Frisco, TX, there are many options locally and nationwide. Getting “certified” to remove dents and dings from a school is one way to learn, another way is to apprentice at a reputable paintless dent repair shop.

Either way is a great way to familiarize oneself with the process but to become what many PDR techs call a “master,” many years of training, skill, and experience are required.  Unfortunately, there are many who practice PDR techniques who crack or flake the paint, or who create ripples in the metal. IntelliDent has a lot of these type of repairs come through their Frisco shop.

IntelliDent master technician Mike Brown has been practicing paintless dent repair for over 25 years. This is not “combined” experience with all of the technicians that work at IntelliDent, it is Mike’s experience alone.

You can learn more about IntelliDent here.

Why is Paintless Dent Repair so popular in Frisco, TX?

Paintless dent repair offers a much lower price-tag compared to traditional Frisco auto body shops. Many repairs can be taken care of the same day you bring it in. Because there is no paint work, sanding, or traditional bodywork required, the original dealer paint warranty stays intact. This helps the car owner retain its original look and value. All paintless dent repair work completed at IntelliDent comes with a lifetime warranty. If you are new to Frisco paintless dent repair and are afraid of any of the dent damage returning, you can be rest assured IntelliDent will make sure you are 100% completely satisfied.
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