Northern Texas Residents Want to Know

If you live in northern Texas, hail storms have become a really big problem. Not just a nuisance but a costly disaster zone. Hail storms have beaten and battered Plano, Little Elm, Frisco, McKinney and many other northern Texas cities.

The IntelliDent of Plano, TX family is often asked, “Is there ANYTHING I can do to protect my vehicle from hail damage?”

In the past 25 years being in the Plano auto hail repair business, we have heard of and seen a multitude of DIY and store bought solutions come and go.  One of our favorites has always been the “sleep tight, don’t let the hail stones bite” bed comforter solution. In some instances, this method has worked. If the hailstones aren’t large, a comforter can create a nice barrier and prevent hail damage. Unfortunately, a few dents & dings usually get through.

The newest auto hail damage prevention solution is the Hail Protector by a Gunter, Texas inventor who was sick of the damage.

But does it work?

We haven’t actually tested the Texas-born Hail Protector ourselves but we have done our homework. Keeping our northern Texas customers on top of any hail protection solutions that actually works is worth the research.

Dime-Sized Hailstones

First, we watched a few YouTube product reviews from Texas vehicle owners. In the first video we see what appears to be a huge silver balloon covering a vehicle. We can’t tell what kind of vehicle is under the balloon but the videographer says it is a truck. We watch as dime-sized hail strike and bounce off of the cover. From the video, it appears as the truck was unharmed by the hailstones. In the video description, he posts, “Not a single dent on the truck.” Nice!

But what about larger hailstones, like the ones that hit the cities of Plano, Little Elm, Frisco, McKinneyand many other northern Texas cities in April 2017?

Golfball-Sized Hailstones

If you watch the above video, you will see that the hailstones are considerably larger. As he watches, he narrates as we watch the golf ball sized hailstones bounce off of his newly purchased Hail Protector.

If you do have auto hail damage and need paintless dent repair in Plano, Little Elm, Frisco, McKinney and or the many other northern Texas cities that were affected, schedule your free inspection online!

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