State Farm Hail Claims Tent

Should I trust a traveling Paintless Dent Repair company?

This is a topic that comes up frequently in the paintless dent repair world and around cities that have been hit hard by a hail storm. This is a great question and one that needs to be answered. When a hail storm hits hard, finding a qualified paintless dent repair technician can be a challenge for many reasons.

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The New Guys in Town

Who are they?

PDR Pop-Up Parking Lot Shop

In a catastrophe situation and thousands of vehicles have been damaged, PDR shops fill up fast. It is not uncommon to hear about 30+ day wait times to even get your vehicle in for an estimate and repairs. In a post hail catastrophe situation, additional paintless dent repair technicians are needed to help clean-up the mess. It is not uncommon to see new paintless dent repair shops and PDR pop-up shops “popping up” all over a city that has suffered an exorbitant and widespread amount of home and vehicle hail damage.

Why are they here?

State Farm Hail Claims Tent
State Farm Hail Claims Tent

If you own a paintless dent repair company, there are essentially two areas of expertise. If a paintless dent repair company resides in an area that doesn’t frequently experience hail storms, general dent and ding repair is usually the primary focus of service. For PDR companies that reside in an area frequented by hail storms, they probably provide general dent & ding repair but specialize in auto hail repair.

In the past few years, insurance companies have familiarized and aligned themselves with paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair is now considered to be the best method for auto hail damage repair by insurance companies.

In a “hail catastrophe” situation, wait times can be staggering. Insurance agents and adjusters are doing everything they can to get to everyone for damage estimates but this is only the first step. Next, you will get in line for the repairs. This is where additional PDR hail catastrophe teams can be very helpful.

Should I trust them? 

The easiest way for us to answer this question is maybe. This also holds true for the “local guys.” As much as we want to give our business to the “local guys,” research is key when it comes to hiring a qualified paintless dent repair technician or company.  This is especially true when it comes to the new guys in town.

With the internet readily accessible, online research is a great place to start. Read online reviews at Google Business, check the Paintless Dent Repair company’s BBB page, visit websites like Yelp, Yext and Angie’s List. Next, visit the companies social media pages. Finally, after you have done your research, try to narrow it down to 2 or 3 companies and give them a call.

Ask a few questions:

  • How long have you been in the paintless dent repair business?
  • What is your experience with auto hail repair?
  • Do you offer a shop lifetime warranty?
  • How do you back-up the lifetime warranty?
  • What happens if the dents come back?
  • Do you have examples of your work?

IntelliDent Tip: Once you have decided upon a paintless dent repair shop, get scheduled as soon as possible.

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