My Experience with Paintless Dent Repair

By the IntelliDent Website & Graphic Designer.

According to IntelliDent owner and paintless dent repair master Mike Brown, PDR starts from the inside. Sound complicated and introspective? We promise to explain further., which sounds more complicated than it really is.

Have you ever examined an automobile dent, like really gotten up close to really see it?  Have you ever wondered what a dent looks like underneath, on the flip side of the panel? Unless you are a paintless dent repair technician or body shop technician, I am going to guess not. This is where the art of PDR starts.

If I told you paintless dent repair was an art form, you might think I was crazy. Let me explain. A PDR shop is more of a studio than a body shop. There are no drills, sanders, heat guns, car paint, or body fillers. Therefore, there is little to no noise.

If you walk into a PDR shop garage, like where they remove dents, you might someone with a specialized marker drawing circles on a car hood. You will see rolling carts with what you might think are strange looking miniature golf clubs. These interesting and colorful tools are the heart of paintless dent repair.

Have I peaked your interest yet? 

Let me tell you how this amazing invention works. With these tools and an experienced PDR technician, magic happens. This might sound silly but it is 100% true. When you drop off your vehicles for dent repairs, ask one of the guys or gals if you can take a peek inside the garage.

Paintless Dent Repair TechnicianThe first time I saw Mike pushing out a dent, I didn’t get it. He had removed the inside plastic liner of a passenger car door and was sort of pushing or massaging the inside surface of the panel. I could see the metal on the outside slightly pushing out where he was massaging. Once he was satisfied, he looked at his work and moved on to the next. He repeated this process for another hour or so. From the time I started my observation until it was time for me to go, he had removed ALL of the hail dents (which seemed like at least 50) from the hood and passenger door panel.

I kid you not, it looked as though there was NEVER any damage done! It looked brand new! Magic.




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