Keep the Check or Repair the Hail

When hail happens, vehicles get dents and roofs get damaged. If you have full coverage insurance, you are good to go. You might have a deductible to meet but hail damage is covered. If you have experienced auto hail damage before, you think – even for a split second – about keeping the insurance check. This article will give you 5 reasons WHY you shouldn’t keep the money and forfeit getting your vehicle repaired by a paintless dent repair company.

  1. No Dent Repair & Removal Experience. Let me explain it this way. You might be a seamstress, this does not make you a surgeon. Simply put, if you don’t have the proper training, don’t do it. The risk always outweighs the attempt you will do it right. In the end, if you really wanted the dents gone, you will end up paying so much more to repair the damage with the professionals.
  2. Paint Warranty No More. When you try to fix auto hail damage at home, you not only run the risk of making mistakes – you also run the risk of ruining your paint. Every vehicle comes with a factory paint warranty. If the paint is damaged in any way (chipping, bubbling, scratching), that warranty is no more.
  3. Low Resale. If you ever plan on reselling your vehicle, you probably want to make some money. If you try to do a trade-in at a dealership, this will greatly reduce the amount of trade you will get towards your new purchase. Even if you sell the vehicle outright to someone who is just looking for an old beater and don’t care about the hail damage, they are STILL going to expect a deal.
  4. Insurance Companies Don’t Like It.  When you receive a check from your insurance company to pay for auto hail damage, this is what they expect. Especially if this vehicle is not paid off. If you have full-coverage and you choose to keep the money, this isn’t that big of a deal. That is until your vehicle gets hit with hail again. They do keep records of prior hail damage.
  5. IntelliDent Pays Your Deductible. Yes, had to put a little plug in there for our company. We understand hail damage is not your fault and because of this, we will take care of your deductible. Getting your hail damaged repaired for FREE – the right way? Very good decision. All IntelliDent auto hail repairs come with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty.
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