Marble Sized Hail in North Texas

Paintless Dent Repair Record Highs In McKinney

Marble Sized Hail in North TexasThis might be great news is the record set in McKinney wasn’t for “2017’s Most Hail Damaged Vehicles.”  One McKinney dealership alone called in to report about 1,000 cars with hail damage. With the average cost for one vehicle hail repair being around $3,500, we are talking about some pretty big numbers.

Mark Hanna, spokesman for the Insurance Council of Texas trade association, said Tuesday he estimated the total storm damage cost to be about $480 million …

One-half of those hail damage claims account for McKinney paintless dent repair for auto hail damage and the other for residential home roofs. According to one Insurance Council of Texas official, a hailstorm hasn’t caused as much damage in the area since the early 1980’s.

2017 McKinney Storm Interesting FAQ

  • With winds reaching 60 to 70 mph and baseball-sized hail, the storm caused catastrophic damage in just a half hour.
  • Baseball-size hail was reported west of McKinney with a diameter of 2.75 inches.
  • Reports of the largest hailstones were from Denton, Texas, where residents reported softball-size hail, about 4.25 inches in diameter.
  • A total of 35 of one North Texas’s cities district’s 48 buses were damaged by the storms.

Need Paintless Dent Repair in McKinney, TX

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