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IntelliDent Paintless Dent Repair is your most experienced auto hail repair business in Lucas, TX. Stay in the comfort of your home or office while we inspect your car. IntelliDent is the top rated dent repair company in DFW!

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Our office is located 10 miles from Lucas, TX. Just a short 18 min drive away! However, if your vehicle has hail damage we can come to you for a remote inspection. All of our inspections are free. We also will cover your deductible for hail repair so you don't have to spend any money out-of-pocket. IntelliDent will also provide a rental car for free, even if your insurance does not reimburse for it! We are here to make this process as easy as possible for our customers. Schedule your free inspection today!

IntelliDent has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex for 25+ years. Our goal is to make hail repair a simple process for our customers. It is one of the reasons Texans turn to IntelliDent for their dent repair, and why we are so highly rated!

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Our Process


Your car gets caught in a hailstorm, dinged, or involved in a minor accident


Schedule a free inspection with an IntelliDent PDR specialist to gauge your damage level


Our complimentary valet service will deliver a car directly to you - at your home or office


We will facilitate the claim approval with your insurance company


Damage is repaired by an I-PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) certified technician


Your freshly detailed, washed, damage free car is delivered to your doorstep


Take Advantage of Our Competitive Pricing

Insurance Questions

Do I need to contact my insurance provider?

We will work with most insurance companies. If you have not yet contacted your insurance provider, then we can handle that part of the process for you. There is no need to spend countless minutes of your time on the phone with your provider.

What if my insurance provider directed me to another shop?

No worries, we can still process your claim at IntelliDent! Give us a call and we will handle the insurance claim for you. We want our customers to have a stress free experience so you can get back to your daily routine.

What about my costly deductible?

For all qualifying hail repairs at IntelliDent we will cover your deductible!

What if I do not have rental car reimbursement on my coverage?

If your vehicle has hail damage, we will provide a rental car at no cost! Whether your insurance covers it or not IntelliDent has your back. To go one step further, we are also able to deliver the rental and pick up your vehicle at your at no cost! As long as you are located in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex we can come to you.

TLDR: Pay $0 out-of-pocket, we will cover your rental car, don't let your insurance choose where to get your repair done, let us take care of the claim and work with your provider so you can enjoy life!

What Sets Us Apart

You Pay $0 Out of Pocket with qualifying hail damage

Free loaner car if you don't have rental coverage

Complimentary valet service to your home or office for hail damage repairs

Free detail and carwash with every repair

Lifetime warranty on all repairs

Top rated on Facebook and Google

We Have the Best Customers Across Dallas Fort Worth

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Our History in Lucas, Texas

Master paintless dent repair technician and IntelliDent owner Mike Brown started learning the art of paintless dent repair in 1997. His talents were quickly recognized by some of the top paintless dent repair companies across the country. He was brought in my car manufacturers to repair entire fleets of auto hail damaged vehicles. 15 years later, IntelliDent was born. Mike decided it was time to open his own Paintless Dent Repair shop. With a few of his close friends, he established a Paintless Dent Repair team that knows the industry inside and out. Today, IntelliDent has found its permanent home in Plano, TX and a majority of the same team from the 2010 start-up remains.

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