Texas Auto Hail Repair

Are you a Texas resident? Has your vehicle received hail damage? You’ve come to the right place!

IntelliDent has come to be a household name for its prompt and professional Texas auto hail repair services. Serving residents all across Texas for more than 20 years, our tried-and-true IntelliDent Process not only leaves our customers satisfied but their vehicle back to its beautiful, pre-storm state.

Why Does Texas Get Hail Storms?

It’s a common misconception that hail only occurs during wintertime when that is most definitely not the case! Hail is most often seen accompanying thunderstorms, which occur more frequently during the months of May through September. The hail forms in cumulonimbus thunderclouds when strong air, large water droplets, and below-freezing cloud layer combine.

How Badly Can Hail Damage Cars in Texas?

A lot of factors determine the damage potential of a hailstorm on your home or vehicle. The severity and length of a particular DFW hailstorm will contribute to how damaging the storm is to your property. As you can imagine, the more protected your car is, the less likely you’ll receive hail damage. Even if you park your car under a tree, the branches and foliage can provide enough of a barrier to slow down the hailstones enough to prevent severe damage. Those whose vehicles are exposed to the elements might not be so lucky – the velocity of hail can inflict some pretty large dents in your car, as well as cause issues for your roof.

How to Remove Hail Dents Yourself?

A quick Google search will show endless paintless dent repair kits that boast an easy DIY method for repairing auto hail damage. However, you should always trust professionals to treat your hail-damaged vehicle so as not to make the issue worse and cause the re-sale value of the car to decrease. IntelliDent’s specially-trained technicians will expertly address every dent on your car without damaging the original coat of paint – learn more about The IntelliDent Process here.


If you’re a resident of Texas who has recently been affected by auto hail storm damage, trust the experts at Intellident. Contact us today to see how we can get your vehicle dent-free!


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