What to do if insurance adjuster has missed auto hail damage?

Sometimes the insurance company adjuster will miss auto hail damage on their first inspection. There are many reasons why this might happen.

  1. The insurance adjuster is inexperienced. If your insurance adjuster hasn’t had much experience inspecting vehicles with hail damage and you suspect you do in fact have auto hail damage, you can get a free inspection from IntelliDent. If we find hail damage, we can work with your insurance company to get the damage repaired.
  2. Tired eyes. If a major hail storm has recently devastated a large spread area, your insurance company is scheduling inspections for adjusters all day long.
  3. Improper lighting. If your insurance adjuster has experience inspecting hail damaged vehicles, they probably are aware that in order to get an accurate count of the dent  & ding damage they must inspect the vehicle in the shade. Paintless dent repair technicians use a special light when inspecting and repairing hail damage.
  4. Honest mistake. Not everyone can be 100% accurate 100% of the time! When you get your vehicle examined by one of our highly experienced paintless dent repair technicians, we will be able to determine if any damage has been overlooked. If we see a discrepancy in the adjuster’s review of the vehicle, we will work with them directly to obtain any additional monies that are required to complete the repair.

Need an auto hail damage inspection?

Contact the professionals at any of our IntelliDent locations. We are headquartered in Plano, TX but have locations around the nation. To find a location near you, use our IntelliDent location finder. Use our online form to schedule today!

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